A Little More About Me

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Nice to Meet You.


Hello Lovely,

Briefly. Who am I?! If you haven’t spent much time following me, I’ll give you a brief overview. It won’t be long, because I’m not here to blab about myself – I’m here for you.

Pualani, my given middle name, means “heavenly flower” in Hawaiian – that’s where I grew up for the first 10 years of my life. It has forever impacted my love for the beach, the ocean, and a lifestyle that is more than finding power or professional success in this world. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry in some capacity for over 10 years. Throughout, I’ve seen common themes which have led me to where I am now. Working with young people and women predominantly, I have seen a turn towards low self-esteem, lack of confidence, unhealthy habit formation, and negative self-talk. It’s prevalent in our society and I too have fallen culprit of physical comparisons or overly judgmental thoughts about my body or my sense of self-worth.

The language we use towards ourselves and towards each other can be as much for building each other up as it can to tear us down. I want to see a change in the way we think of ourselves in the eyes of others. The way we see our own health and the way we’re able to fully become whatever it may be we envision for ourselves. That’s why I’m here – to motivate and inspire women globally to participate in a movement. A movement towards building a healthy lifestyle that incorporates mental, physical, social, and individual wellness on a grand scale.

For now, I am here to build confidence in women and learn from your experiences in building the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Eventually, we will develop a program for our youth. As women, we are each dealing with the scars of not feeling good enough – not feeling adequately sized, or presented in a way that meets the standards of this society. What if we can proactively encourage our daughters, our nieces, our grandchildren to begin life on the right path? To begin life with a healthy appreciation for what it means to be successful and what it means to lead a healthful, thriving existence in our complex world? That is my goal – to pave that path for our next generation of strong, capable, and vibrant women.

That is why I am here and I thank you for being on this journey with this community of women.

Her Healthy Habits was born out of a desire to empower women in their own health.

This site is a tool for consumers to learn more about what it takes in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves. You are here, because you have a desire to change. Maybe a little bit or maybe a lot. You are here, because you aren’t quite satisfied with the way your life currently feels out of your control. Her Healthy Habits focuses on building individual wellness in women around the globe. Working with experience, sharing knowledge and providing practical tactics to accomplish your goals is our directive. We hope you’re able to enjoy reading these articles and find usefulness in the courses we provide. Keep an eye out for regular posts around a positive mindset, healthy habit formation and lifestyle changes that will improve your overall wellness.

We hope that you engage, learn and share these principles with the people you love. Although we may stand individually in our actions, we are built from the people we’ve been surrounded by since birth. You are shaped by your environment and the friends or family that have been there along the way. Garnering their support in this path towards health will be one of the most important choices you’ll make in dedication to change. We are strongest when we strive towards our goals as a community.

If you are ready to take empowered action towards making yourself a priority in nutrition, fitness and balanced lifestyle then I cannot wait to connect with you.


xo Michelle Pualani