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Are you ready to change your mindset on health?


Be Better Empowerment (BBE): Discovering Your Philosophy on Health

By developing your personal philosophy on health – including mind, body and how you spend your time – you establish a belief. A belief in you that guides your choices, your actions and determines your LIFESTYLE. Why is this important? Some of us have known our philosophy for years. Some of us are just beginning to develop what it means to be “healthy” and others haven’t even begun. I am speaking to the women who have yet to get started – yet to discover what it means to live the healthful lifestyle they desire.

What does health mean to you and how does it affect your daily choices in setting you on your path to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle?

This is what the Be Better Empowerment course is all about! We move through a 28-day intensive that guides you in your pursuit of health.

You are in the right place if you’ve struggled with fitness or nutrition plans in the past. You’re on to something when you’ve felt like they just “didn’t click.”

Habits are easy to form when you’re not paying attention – unhealthy ones like getting home from work and opting for New Girl reruns instead of taking an evening walk. Or social binge eating when you’re feeling awkward at holiday gatherings. Or even when we look in the mirror and just “give up today,” because things aren’t getting any better. None of these are healthy habits, and our goal is to give you practical, applicable guidance and knowledge to be able to pave a path towards health. We’re all guilty of having these unhealthy habits and giving into them, but I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Reforming new, healthy habits in a lifestyle of your choosing is not out of reach! It’s not some fantasy life that escapes you day-to-day. It’s about your environment, scheduling, commitment, and finding balance in the mind for success.

This program is for you if you’ve been paying attention to “tips & tricks” in order to lose weight, to gain more mindfulness. But, even though you’ve read and “learned” all of those principles – you haven’t necessarily been able to put them into action.

Well, why you ask?

Frankly, we’re going to figure it out. By asking the right questions in a series of PPT audio videos, downloadable PDFs, and emails you will be able to get to the root of what is holding you back. Determining what you haven’t been able to adjust in your schedule that is keeping you from being the most successful, effective, grounded person that you are capable of becoming. All of the information is out there, but will be introduced in a way you’ve never thought of before. We’ll be addressing the psychological patterns, and your habits currently in place. We’re going to rewire them.

Be Better Empowerment is based on four basic pillars: Organization, Training the Mind, Habit Formation, and Commitment to Action. These are the four topics we delve into in the course and spend a week each to begin to master. What can you accomplish in 4 Weeks?! Let’s see.

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