DailyOM Course Proposal

Hello DailyOM Team!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday season. Below I have the updated video of the plank and upper body series that would be delivered on Mondays. This would be an example of content found further into the program after we’ve covered more simple movement, the breakdown of form and introduced loving kindness externally in meditation.

While filming, the most difficult time we’ve had has been with lighting in the space. Sadie’s most recent course seemed quite bright, so mine may be a little less so in contrast. However, I can continue to add lighting and diminish shadows as needed. It’s not 100% what I would consider finalized for the course, and would appreciate any feedback you have!

Here’s to a fabulous start in the New Year!

Thank you for your time and the opportunity,

Body Scan and Loving Kindness Guided Meditation:

Monday’s Upper Body and Plank Series:

*Jonelle, this is an Unlisted video on YouTube as the file was quite large, so it wouldn’t upload to Wistia. You should be able to play here with no problems, but if there are any issues please let me know!