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Welcome back lovely chica! Below, you’ll find the video modules for our 28-day Be Better Empowerment Program. Each is password protected, and you’ll receive the code every Monday with your e-mail introducing you to the week ahead. Enjoy your modules and can’t wait to hear from you!

Week One: Scheduling and Goal Setting for Success

Download your Week One BBE Journal and let’s get started!

Part A: Tackling Your Environment

Part B: Managing Your Time & Schedule

Part C: Setting Goals Like a Badass

Good luck on getting Week One started and don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing!


Week Two: Meditation, Philosophy, and Visualization

Download your Week Two BBE Journal and let’s get started!

Part A: Your Philosophy


Part B: Meditation & Visualization

Part C: Goodbye Negative Self Talk

Week Three: Healthy Habit Formation

Download your Week Three BBE Journal and let’s get started!


Part A: The Habit Loop Basics

Part B: Your Habits


Part C: Rebuilding Habits


Week Four: Putting it All into Action

Download your Week Four BBE Journal and let’s get started!


Part A: Planning to Win


Part B: Facing Your Challenges


Part C: Taking Be Better Empowerment into Your Life


Part D: Wrapping Everything Up


CONGRATULATIONS Lovely! You’ve done it. Made it 28 days to build the Better, Healthier, Happier life you’ve wanted.

xo Michelle Pualani