The Reality of a Healthy Lifestyle

You’ve made it here, because you’re looking for something different. Something that empowers you to take your health back into your own hands. You’ve joined countless programs in the hopes of “getting fit” or “finding balance” in the busy lifestyle you lead. Day in and day out you’re tired of feeling exhausted after work, unable to work out or choose the healthy food options you know you should.

Something hasn’t been clicking as your thoughts have been getting more and more negative about the current state of your life. This may be your internal dialogue, “I’m never going to get healthy. I don’t love my body. I want to change, but I don’t know how. Why does everyone else have it SO easy?!”

It’s time to STOP – stop thinking about it, stop trying one thing or another, stop treating yourself this way. It’s time to start acting, start turning your thoughts, your body and your life into what you imagine it to be. Time to make your goals a reality with a step by step process.

There are hundreds of fitness courses, meal planning programs, and free videos online everywhere all the time. Why is this course different? Because we don’t give you a workout or nutrition program that you’ll try on for size, but quit after just a few weeks. No – this program provides you with the real-world principles and application of setting yourself up for success. After completion of this 28-day program, you will be able to take anything on with a fierceness you’ve never felt before. Prepared and ready to see anything through till you’re satisfied. The Be Better Empowerment course provides a step by step process and support to address the REASON behind your missteps in health, and redirect you on the path to success.

In order to get fit, stay healthy, or find balance in your life we can’t keep skipping from workout app to diet plan to video after video hoping for a more favorable outcome. You’ve done it all before, and these options may work in the short-term, but they don’t create long-lasting change! What happens when your 6-week challenge ends? Did you even make it 3 weeks? What happens when 3 months into your gym membership you’re only going once every two weeks – maybe? And what happens when holidays come around, so you lose your meditation practice or succumb to the stress of the seasonal changes?

What sets Be Better Empowerment apart is our long-term focus. I want to set you on a course of lifelong change, developing your healthy habits for years to come. Where do you see yourself in a year from today? Falling off of another program OR do you see yourself as self-directed and MOTIVATED to stay the course for true health?! By addressing the daily habits we have as women, we can prepare for leading a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Once we get into the course, you’ll be given a much more detailed breakdown of the next 28 days. At this time, I want you to decide if this program is right for you with more information. If you find that it is, excellent and we’ll move forward into reinventing how you think of health. If not – no problem at all. With that first module, you can leave when you’d like and request a full refund. You even get to keep the downloadable journal as a bonus! Use it wisely and thank you for giving it a shot. We need to both agree this is right for you and what is going to work. I don’t want you committing to something that you’re not going to see through to the end!

I’d like to share some more information about me and why I’m here for you now. Over the past 5 years I’ve taught fitness classes, provided nutritional guidance, and helped women find happiness in health. It’s been amazing to see individual transformations. But as I would work with students, I started to notice patterns. They would show up for a while, give it their best for maybe a couple weeks, and then I wouldn’t see them for a month or two. I used to wonder, are they going to another gym or involved in another program? Even when I taught challenges, I would start with large numbers – sometimes over 100+ women. But, as weeks started to move on, the numbers would dwindle and most wouldn’t come to more than three classes out of the program. This continued to be discouraging and disheartening – does that sound familiar to you? Those who would finish the 6-week challenge wouldn’t stick with the gym and I’d run into them a year or two later finding them working out “here and there.”

Even I have noticed that I go through these blocks of time when I was waking up at 6am, working out, eating well and keeping my stress in check while getting everything accomplished. I then would dip into my couch-locked days of binge-watching FRIENDS and simply wonder – where did all my energy go?! It took me too long to realize that when I was being successful in my health, I was in an excellent routine. A loop of healthy habits that kept everything going. It got me thinking – we can’t keep setting up programs that lose sight of your health after the time is up. I developed this program as a way to find success BEFORE you even start to work out or make changes in your diet and lifestyle. This program is built on my story and the story of women who just can’t seem to make it happen. Made for those with the inability to stick with workout or nutrition programs. This is how I found success in scheduling, developing the right mental dialogue and sticking to a laid out plan of attack. Only then can we be successful together. Only then can we make changes that see you through those phases of your life when the couch calls to your booty and says how much it misses comforting you. Those times in our lives when it seems the only options are long work hours and fast food lunches.

Dial in your routine, learn how to set up for healthy habits, and control your mind to do away with negative self-talk. Learn to love your body again and find happiness in health through the Be Better Empowerment Course. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you!